Urgent: Hurricane Relief Help Needed

Donations Needed for Generator

Our Southern rescue partners are bracing as Florence makes landfall. Many of our partners are in the path of imminent danger and will likely be without power for days or weeks after the rain and high winds.


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Dogs4U — in the path of Hurrican Florence — needs help for animals! 



Dog4You is a Southern rescue farm with cows, horse, and a ton of dogs. Since they cannot evacuate they are in desperate need of a generator to help them get through the aftermath of Florence. Water to care for all of these animals requires electricity and temps will be in the 90s even after the storm. Please consider donating any amount to help these animals. Two ways to help: https://fundrazr.com/11Oth1?ref=ab_5YSge_ab_2lXEABsuIe32lXEABsuIe3 or Paypal – Kristina@dog4u.org please note “for relief generators.”

Foster Homes Needed ASAP

Survivor Tails is also looking for foster homes to help take in dogs after the storm. After natural disasters, shelters are overrun with displaced dogs, strays, and surrenders. Foster homes help save lives by providing a safe outlet for dogs and cats. Please fill out an application here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSem_gZXY5rYhQRFCdagSM_kZBYRx3BWEQuxbx1t-ud6ceSNBg/viewform

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